BYGGA GWG is the construction company from district Smaland that has fought the thefts with the help of Safe Tool Storage!

They are just one of many affected construction companies around Sweden, the skill is that the best is to put an end to the problem. They have chosen to buy Safe Tool Storage, which can invest in creating security against theft and maintaining the profit margin in the projects.

After a number of burglaries in a short time, they "googled" about our product Safe Tool Storage. At one of the burglaries where they had alerted containers were on site within 6 minutes (!), the container was emptied and the thieves gone.

Now they have had the safe shell protection in place for 5 months, of course together with alarms and released new burglaries. This is despite recorded greetings via camera.

I made a site visit to BYGGA GWG in May, when they had also installed passage systems with reading ID06 card for smooth passage / registration out & into the storage room. Often, this construction is acclaimed as appreciated by the carpenters, as it both secures their tools and is smooth. A construction site between two different workers and occupational groups / other entrepreneurs, both working for a long time and temporarily, maybe just over days.

BYGGA GWG has shown that with the cooperation: security shell - alarm - response time, it can reduce the risk of burglary!

Rental - Vernum Maskin

Hiring Safe Tool Storage is a form of collaboration to stop the thefts at our construction sites!

Vernum Maskin in Norrkping was early in investing and testing our product against the market. Above all, they work with rental to the construction industry, which is one of the actors that has the most problems with theft. When both Vernum Maskin and their customers had been affected by theft in the traditional storage containers, Pelle Widholm, partner in Vernum Maskin started to "google" for safer alternatives and found our product on the net.

In September 2019, 2 complete STS 2.4 were delivered, including alarms, which were then rented out to companies that, for example, work in the immediate area and in Stockholm. A joint visit to the end customer was made in May 2020, where they told us that after three smaller and one major burglaries (worth about half a million) they have had was enough.

Since they now rent Safe Tool Storage by Vernum Maskin, the burglaries have disappeared and they feel safe. The site manager was clear with the continuation:   "- I have advised my colleagues about the solution and will include the module in upcoming projects, for it to join!"

Vernum looks positive for the future, with Safe Tool Storage they have an alternative to customers who have problems with theft. More inquiries have come in and as the product becomes more well known in the market it will be a natural choice, instead of a traditional container without protection!

NCC Construction

Around the holiday of 2019, NCC Construction in Mariestad was once again hit by a major burglary in its storage container. This time tools and machines were stolen for about SEK 400,000.

Work on establishing the villa area Sjölyckan has been bordered by recurring thefts for several construction and civil engineering companies. Since October 2019, NCC Construction has now invested in Safe Tool Storage module STS7.0 as shell protection and storage of their valuable products. Along with alarms, they have since been rested despite the greetings / burglaries of construction companies in the area.

In this case, NCC has invested in a larger module to accommodate more bulky products that need protection.

Together with Ramirent in Mariestad, this was a first test of the product in a vulnerable area and so far the problems are kept away.

Skeppsviken Building

In the fall of 2019, we were told that Skeppsviken Building was once again affected by burglary in its container.

When we contacted the responsible site manager he felt powerless, this was the second burglary in a short time where they were hit by a shredded container and loss of tools for more than SEK 50,000. But that is not the worst thing the site manager said, but all the time he has to spend on police report, insurance forms and not least the time to get purchase / rental invoices on the content. Or, for that matter, the cost of the project standing still / annoyance from its builders / other entrepreneurs or the schedule breaking.

After they got to test our product they bought their own module with their color and workmanship, among other things they put in ID06 passage which their own carpenter knew was the best outcome when they could also close the module daytime, open with their ID06 card and have their tools alone. As the site manager said, they have at least 10-20 entrepreneurs on site at a normal building, so if it gets organized and ready, there is great potential for higher efficiency.

And if other entrepreneurs wants to buy area in module to keep their tools safe they are welcome!

Skanska Construction

At the end of 2019, we were contacted by Skanska Construction in Uppsala. For a long time, they have had huge problems with theft in their workplaces, both day and night. After a presentation to the group, they decided to test Safe Tool Storage together with Skanska Rental to place a module in Upplands-Väsby where they had the most problems.

Skanska Rental purchased a module and fitted it according to the project's wishes, which also meant that they connected the ID06 passage system. Unfortunately, before the delivery, the project had to be hit by further burglaries before it was in place.

After a return visit to customer's place 3 months after delivery, the site manager told us that together with alarms they had not had a single burglary or attempt. Their on-site entrepreneurs were also satisfied when they were allowed to share space with Skanska for their more valuable tools, such as measuring equipment and stuff like that. With the ID06 card, anyone registered at the workplace who would have access to the space could be entered and use it as needed.

An added value for both Skanska Construction and entrepreneurs, Skanska Rental and Safe Tool Storage made it possible.


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